The Deadlandz – Full Immersion Zombie Apocalypse Experience – September 17th, 2016

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The Deadlandz – Full Immersion Zombie Apocalypse Experience – September 17th, 2016

Dates: September 17th, 2016
Venue: Silver Creek Paintball, Camrose, Alberta (1 hour from Edmonton or Red Deer)
Game Times: All Ages 10AM – 2PM, 18+ 4PM – 9PM

Do you have what it takes to survive? The Deadlandz is our semi-annual showcase event, where players are submerged into a “real” world of survival, deception, and the walking dead. This event will last 4 hours per time slot, giving players time to solve a series of problems in order to facilitate their escape from a zombie infested location. Interact with in-game characters, other players, hunt for supplies and weapons, and much more.

The goal of the game is to either β€œescape” from the venue, or to simply survive until the end. It is completely up to the player. You will enter the venue with nothing but the clothes on your back, and will search for water, food, supplies, and weapons needed to survive the day.

Once you enter the venue, you will Hide, Run, Fight, and Survive against a horde of the undead, other survivors, forces of evil, and nature.

FAQ: What can I bring?
Answer: You will only be allowed to bring the clothes on your back in to the game. No bags, phones, car keys, weapons, booze hidden in your socks, etc. Personal items should be left in your vehicle, and we will have a “Key check” for your car keys and photo ID in a secure place.
FAQ: Can I bring a friend/family member to the evening game who is under 18?
Answer: Sorry, but nope! Each attendee to the 18+ game will be checked for photo ID. If you look under 30, we’ll ID. It’s a liability thing.

26 thoughts on “The Deadlandz – Full Immersion Zombie Apocalypse Experience – September 17th, 2016

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve done 2 simulations now – the overnight one and the last one at Silver Creek and I have to say I loved both.
    One piece of feedback I’d like to add is for more looting/finds. One of the funnest parts of running around was finding items and killing zombies and finding items. Even if it’s a single candy, I think that really adds to the experience. I know that’s tricky to plan and initiate but I found it did get a little dull killing the same zombies knowing there wouldn’t be anything really to gain from it. If some how zombie volunteers had a bag of candy and kept one in a lootable pocket or something of that nature. Just felt like I should earn something from each skillful kill! Also, finding items, even if they’re completely mundane like a sucker, really immerses yourself into the game and rewards scavenging. I know it’s challenging because the first wave of searchers, even a small group will basically scavenge it all very fast but maybe referees or staff more often planting items during the game would make searching around that much more valuable. I remember running onto the course at the start, excited to search every corner and explore but after an hour of find absolutely nothing, as maybe everything had been taken before, I really lost steam and motivation. Maybe having random 5 cent pieces of gum throughout whereby lets say you find 25 or 50, those could be traded with the vendors. The items the vendors wanted were just so rare that I was feeling I missed out as I joined the game midday. Guess I could have decided to kill some people which would make sense… but I still like the idea of having the determined scavenger route option.
    Purely food for thought though,
    Thanks again for throwing together a super fun experience! PS – acquiring a gun was by far the funnest thing I did and something I still talk about haha

    1. Hello Eric! Thanks for your support and loyalty! We agree, and will have a lot more scavenging this event. We have even printed labels to affix to each “in-game” item, so you know what you’re finding is valuable and not just a granola bar that fell out of someones pocket 10 years ago… ewww.

      Hope to see you again at this event!

    1. Hello Henry! We do offer group discounts for 10 or more, please use the contact form and we will get back to you with a coupon code. Thanks!

    1. Sorry, only those aged 18 and over will be able to attend the adult event. Photo ID is required by those participating.

  2. Question! Will people be let in if they arrive late, or do we have to be there by 4pm? I don’t get off work until 4, might not be there until 5.

    1. Sorry, once the game starts we can’t allow any late arrivals (to keep it fair for all participating). I would recommend simply slipping away “to the washroom” at work that day around 3PM and crawl out the window. πŸ™‚

    1. All ages are welcome for the family friendly game in the morning. Survivors will have arm bands that zombies are trying to rip off, no other physical contact, mauling, scratching, or biting is involved :).

    1. Sorry, NO alcohol is permitted. It is 18+ simply due to graphic nature, violent content, liability insurance, that kind of thing πŸ™‚

    1. Heh, there are some porta potties on the field. Better make sure they’re clear first… and have a buddy guarding outside while you’re doing your business!

  3. How physical are the zombies in the 18+ event? Will they only be grabbing at us or will they full on tackle??
    -easily bruised survivor

    1. Zombies will be NOT be allowed to tackle and we do have admins on the field keeping an eye on the safety aspect. Zombies ARE allowed to run, chase, and grab at survivors, and to kill a survivor they have to mash their face (they are wearing a full face zombie mask) on the survivors arm/shoulder in order to “infect” them. Bruising is definitely possible during all of this, but we have never experienced any real injuries.

  4. Hey I have 2 questions! How many tickets are left for sep 17 all ages? Do I have to them ahead of time? And also if you get infected what happens? Do you become a zombie or do you get kicked off the field?

    1. Hello!

      Lots of room left for the all ages game. It is best to order ahead of time so ensure you get a spot and saves us time before the game. Once a survivor is killed or becomes infected… they become a zombie for the remainder of the game. Don’t get bitten!

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